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Hedge Your Bets World Cup 2014

So the 2014 Fifa World Cup has finally kicked off after months of speculation as to what Roy Hodgson's plan of attack is for the Brazilian hosted games. The first game, Brazil V's Crotia was somewhat of a shoddy match with some horrific refereeing decisions, yet the outcome was somewhat expected. Brazil bagged a 3-1 win against an unlucky Croation team. For England, the qualifiers have resulted in a mixed bag of supporters and critics, with the young team showing some promising moments of genius but ultimately failing to make the likes of Spain quiver in their new fly-knit sock like boots. None the less though, I really hope we do pull it out the bag and manage to shock all the critics that are slamming England for being too young and inexperienced for a World Cup team.

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I like to get behind our country and let's face it, it's not as if you can just avoid events such as the World Cup.My Twitter and Facebook we're flooded by hashtags and pictures after the opening game combined with a plethora of people rubbing their winning bets in my face! Which made me think, I'm always up for a quick buck and the World Cup is a golden opportunity to hedge your bets. Admittedly, I don't do this very often because as you've probably guessed, my limited knowledge on sport other than rugby and badminton (yes, I did say both of those two sports in the same sentence) isn't worth gambling the big bucks. None the less though, following the fashion of millions of others out there, I have placed a cheeky bet on the England V's Italy game for Saturday; got to have faith right?!

The England game has been the topic of conversation at work for the past few days and I'm interested to hear what you all think will happen, so let me know! In the meantime though, here are some weird and wonderful bits of information for you to really get you in the spirit of things

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