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Andrew Scampoli

Andrew Scampoli- I'm really enjoying it because I can join the rush and the offense here. I was a forward my entire life and last year I got an opportunity to play defense and I really liked it, but I still really enjoy joining the rush and creating on offense. It's something that I still feel I can do and I know I can still produce. Plus, our coach [Chris Firriolo] is really letting loose of the reins and he let's us take chances if we see an opportunity. At the same time though, we're asked to play defense and be responsible. Because of that, it's been fun so far.

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AOB- Was it hard being traded this early in the season?

Scampoli- I don't know how it happened, if it was a three-team deal or something, but I'm here and I'm ready to play. I'm happy about it in a way because I'm closer to home now.

AOB- Where do you come from?

Scampoli- Islip, Long Island.

AOB- Big Islander fan?

Scampoli- Yes.

AOB- Is there a player at the NHL level that you like a lot or you try and emulate?

Scampoli- I really like Alexander Ovechkin. He can shoot, skate and hit. He's just an amazing player. Right now though, I been watching a lot of defensemen and I like Adrian Aucoin's game, especially when he was on the Islanders.

AOB- What do you like about this team considering it was your first game with them?

Scampoli- I really like our drive and our athleticism. We have great conditioning and a strong desire to win also. They have a good team out there [Hudson Valley] and we decided after we got down that we had to get back to work and we started to come back. It says a lot about us.

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