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Countdown to Kickoff

Countdown to Kickoff: Two Days to Go My Friend and Our Rival University of Louisiana- Lafayette Graduate Assistant Coach Brian Wallace and a breaking news exclusive about Zach Mettenberger's full-ride offer from LSU.

Brian Wallace and I grew up together in the adjacent towns of Daytona Beach and Port Orange, Florida.

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We played Pop Warner football on the same team for four years and even went to high school together. We always stayed close friends. After graduation, Brian went off to Louisiana College to play football, and I went off to Georgia. Brian graduated with a degree in history, but now he's trying to make history, as a graduate assistant coach for the University of Louisiana- Lafayettethe Dawg's opponent for the first home game of the 2010 season.

Brian received his big break in coaching from my rival high school's head coach, Marc Beach of Sea Breeze High School. Coach Beach was good buddies with the QB coach of U Lafayette, so he made the call. I got the job a month before the first game started last football season now I am in my 2nd season with Louisiana-Lafayette, Brian told me. I couldn't ask for a better head coach and staff to work with. To be honest, I love it, even with long hours and long days.

While I was catching up with Brian Wallace, I made sure to grill him about the Ragin Cajuns. "On offense, we returned a lot of players, he shared with me. We also have new, fresh, young guys that can play." Brian seems confident about the offense because they brought back players with experience. When I asked him about the Lafayette defense, he replied: "We have nine returning starters and a wonderful linebacker playing. Our middle linebacker, Grant Fleming (#47), is a stud. And another one of our top play makers is Daylon McCoy (# 4), a linebacker out of Henderson, Texas."

I definitely had to ask Wallace about a young man by the name of Auriene Orkeys from Daytona Beach Mainland High School. "He's one of our team leaders; everybody loves him, Brian told me. His work ethic makes up for his lack of size. Auriene is 510, 175lbs, and benches 385lbs in the weight room. "Not only has he been a starter since his freshman year, but he is also a student of the game, according to Brian Wallace. Orkeys watches films constantly to improve his techniques. He is always the first one out there, and the last one to leave."

Brian Wallace has been a leader since the first day I saw him playing with the Hawks at Pop Warner football practice. Brian had the perfect balance of camaraderie and respect from our teammates. He played QB, LB and was the kicker. When times we're rough between the lines on the football field, I knew "B" would be there for me. A huge part of the reason Brian Wallace is a leader is because of his father Mr. Robert Wallace, our head Pop Warner football coach. I owe so many thanks to Mr. Robert Wallace because he was the first coach who believed in me and stayed in my corner throughout my high school and college careers.

So to both Coach Wallace: Thank you for your hard work, love, and friendship throughout the years. And Brian, good luck Saturday with your first meeting with the Dawgs! Well, maybe not that much luck.

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