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Brian Pearl, RHP, University of...

Brian Pearl, RHP, University of Washington

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Recently moved to the starting rotation will likely up his draft status a lot. He shows plus fastballup to 94 at times but has very good feel for secondary stuffslider and changeup. Scouts like his athletic delivery. He is a converted infielder. So there is not a long track record of success or durability which can be a concern to take a player high in the draft. But he has the best chance of this group to pitch his way higher than this. Not drafted in high school.

Jorge Reyes, RHP, Oregon State

The 2007 College World Series MVP had a disappointing year last year but looks to have his mechanics smoothed out this year and scouts like his plus fastball (90-94) with movement, solid breaking ball, with good feel for his secondary pitches. He is athletic and aggressive with an easy delivery. He is the one guy that could pitch his way into the first two rounds with an outstanding spring. Not drafted in high school.

Drew Gagnier, RHP, University of Oregon

We have like what they have seen in the early going as the Ducks closer. He shows a consistent plus velocity fastballup to 94with plus life and a cutter that compliments his fastball well. His high angle and plane to the plate is good and provides good deception to the hitter. His strong frame with more to come gives him some projection even for a college player. His draft status is very unique that he is a draft eligible sophomore but will still be 19 years old at draft time. He will still have two year playing eligibility left at Oregon after this season. He sat out last year after starting at Fresno State in 2007. More and more successful college closers are going higher and higher in the draft.

Kyrell Hudson, OF, Evergreen HS in Vancouver, Wa.

Baseball Northwest No. 1 ranked high school prospect going into the spring will need to show development in his offensive approach to find himself at this part of the draft. Teams really like his run and throw tools and he has chance to stay in centerfield at the professional level. He will draw the most initial attention of the high school players. He has signed to play football and baseball at OSU.

Ryan Ortiz, C, Oregon State

Successful college catchers tend be over drafted especially at this point in the draft because of the perceived lack of catching prospects overall in professional baseball. Ortiz has proven he can hitalthough off to a somewhat slow start this springand make consensus is that he can likely catch and throw everyday eventually at the major league level although will likely be average at best. He has trouble pulling the ball with powerwhich causes some concern from scouts

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