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So Japan 70.3 has been run and won

So Japan 70.3 has been run and won and unfortunately for me my race just didn't go to plan. I woke up feeling good, a little nervous but good none the less. On arrival to transition the announcement was made that the water temp was 24.5 degrees only just cold enough for it to be a wetsuit swim which in my opinion and many others is way to hot!

I went out conservatively in the beginning of the swim because I have a history of really struggling in wetsuit swims in warm water, today was no different but I just did what I could to make the end of the swim without killing myself. By the end of the swim I was absolutely cooking but managed to get out in 5th place and to my surprise just in front of Cameron.

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The first 8/10km was very technical on narrow bumpy/cracked paths and was rather slow, by the end of this portion of the course I had managed to loose both my bottles of water and was only left with my sports drink and gels. In most events this normally would not be to much of an issue because most 70.3`s have aid stations on the bike roughly every 10mile and have ample bottles of water, sports drink,Gels etc. this bike course only had one drink station you passed twice(40k and 70k) and it only had screw top bottles of water which as it turns out we're not necessarily for the athletes.

So between 10/15km Cam and I caught 2 riders Balazs and I`m not sure of the other guy, now that there was only one athlete just up the road and I had no water my plan was to get to the aid station and grab a couple of bottles at 40km. Skip a few kilometers and I'm about 100m away from the aid station and Cam was about 50m ahead of me and I could see the leader up ahead of Cam and the two guys we picked up early on had dropped off. Finally I was about to get some water or so I thought!

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