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Wildflower was my first hit out for the season

Because Wildflower was my first hit out for the season I didn't have very high expectations for the race and to be honest I just flat out have not done the work to be competitive in this sort of field.

I didn't have the great start in the swim but I was in a pretty good group and I just set out to sit in this pack until we got out of the water, I ended up getting out of the water with guys like Chris and Torbjorn.

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Getting onto the bike I didn't feel great but I could of felt a lot worse and after a few small rollers we we're straight into the first of many killer hills for the day. My aim for the bike was to just hang with this pack because there we're a few quality cyclists in it and if I just hung with them I might have been able to get through the bike without hurting myself to much, unfortunately that wouldn't be the case.

As soon as we made the top of the climb I really struggled to hold the pack and it wasn't like I was riding harder then I was capable of riding but more I just couldn't push myself to ride as I would normally expect myself to ride. This pretty much set the tone for the first 40 miles of the bike with many guys riding past me and there was nothing I could do about it but just tough it out. Coming towards the end of the bike I managed to catch a few guys through the hills and I got off the bike with my legs feeling ok but my back was killing me. I knew my day was pretty much over so I just wanted to finish and make a good training day of it all. I ran well for the first 3 miles then went through a real low for the next 5 miles before coming good for the last 5 miles and making the finish line!

I normally wouldn't be happy to just finish a race but with my current physical shape and the difficulty of the course for today I made an exception, in the end I finished in 4.28 and in 26th place.

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