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Getting Ready to Race

For this trip my travel buddy and room mate was my good friend Leon and early Sunday morning we got up organised all or stuff and headed to the race in the hope of not getting caught in the usual traffic jam that happens every year and we managed to get in in the early stages so we had no dramas with getting ready to race.

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Today it would be a no wetsuit swim which I was happy about because the water in the lake is usually pretty warm and to wear a wet suit is just way to hot. The day before at the race briefing we we're also told that it was our own decision on whether we would use the bank that runs along the start of the swim which last year lost me a couple of mins in the swim so it was obvious what everyone would be doing at the swim start so while I was warming up I just had a quick look to see what the bank was like. After a Native Indian sang a song of prayer the horn went off and we we're away and once we got out to the point we dove in and started to swim to see Tom run ran right past us and continue running a further 30-40meters to give himself a handy lead out of the swim about 1 min up on Steve and Paul and I was out of the water a further min back on Steve and Paul in 7th Place.

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