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Although 90 percent of the race is in the woods, there are several road...

Although 90 percent of the race is in the woods, there are several road crossings with guard rails to ride over (one in the form of a monstrous road gap jump open to just the Pros and Cat 1 racers) and one short section of road riding. The other thing that sets the Duryea Downhill apart are it's numerous free-ride features, which include the aforementioned road gap, a bunker jump (see picture), and a rhythm section in the woods with several step-downs followed by another gap jump. Otherwise, the course contains a healthy dose of Pennsylvania rock gardens and a broad range of terrain, including some long flat pedal sections that test ones springtime fitness, and some crazy steep sections at the end of the course.

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And since there is no chairlift, you get to burn a few extra calories jostling around in the back of a rental truck that scoots up the windy road leading to the top of Mount Penn.

Reading is the hometown of Neko Mulally, one of the young stars of Trek World Racing, and younger brother Logan, so the race always gets a big turnout of locals eager to see the Mulallys shred the course and sail over the road gap. This year Neko brought with him teammate Brook MacDonald, who is currently ranked 6th in the world. During the race, Nekos home course advantage was neutralized after he washed out a turn, and he ended up finishing second to Brook with younger brother Logan taking third place.

Despite forgetting my Once Again jersey and race shorts at home (sorry Tony), I had a reasonably good race, and logged my best finish to date since upgrading to Cat 2 (4th out of 18 in my group). The next Gravity East race is June 2nd at Mountain Creek Bike Park in Vernon, NJ, followed the June 16th race at Swain. Although these are some of my favorite places to ride, I am scheduled to become a dad on or about June 4th, so I may have to take brief hiatus from racing until things settle down at home.

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