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Weight Training For Soccer Players

There are a number of benefits to weight training for soccer players. Speaking from personal experience, weight training will aid you in becoming a stronger, faster, better player.

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Constant desire or determination to be better or seek improvement is the cornerstone of success. In the context of football,the best in the world are noted for their incredible work ethic and talent

A great example is the current World Player of The Year Cristiano Ronaldo. According to his Real Madrid team-mate Jese Rodriguez, talking about the first day he trained with the Galacticos first team I remember the first time when I went to Real Madrid's training. I got there 2 hours earlier to impress my coach, but when I got there, I saw Cristiano was already there, training. "

Alongside training sessions at the pitch however, there are a number of benefits to implementing gym work into your routine. They are as follows;

1. Increased Core Stability

An essential component to any footballer, amateur or elite, good core stability makes it more difficult for players to be knocked off the ball when in possession. Weight training or simple core exercises to target this is recommended to all footballers. Core doesn't necessarily refer to having a six pack (rectus abdominis)but involves the strengthening of the deeper lying abdominal muscles (transverse abdominis) and back muscles etc.

Most compound resistance movements like the clean & jerk, back squat, front squat and deadlifts require engagement of the core and are therefore extremely beneficial.

2. Strength and Size

Both hypertrophy and strength training programs will benefit footballers. These will give a player more presence on the pitch, perhaps causing him/her to be more intimidating which is always an advantage come 50/50 challenges.

This also creates more potential for a player to knock an opposing player off the ball in addition to the increased core stability gained. This is a great asset to any individual and also to a team. For example, attacking players are capable of dispossessing the opposing team high up the pitch, gaining territory.

3. Increase in Leg Power

A good ability to jump is vital to the majority of players on a football pitch. It is proven that a combination of the back squat and plyometric training will increase a persons vertical jump height significantly.

Lower body or leg power then needs to be worked on for this to transfer to the pitch. Cristiano Ronaldo once again is the perfect example of implementing a specific weight training program to target and improve this aspect of his game. His infamous jump and ability to seemingly hang in the air is a direct consequence of possessing a high level of lower body power. This allows him to score a high proportion of his goals via headers.

Here is an example of Ronaldos amazing aerial prowess and the science behind it;

4. Increase in Confidence

As mentioned towards the beginning of the article, weight training will also have a positive effect on a persons life and not just on the football pitch.

Due to the increase in size and strength, clothes will fit better, you'll probably look better naked and this overall will do the world of good for an individuals self-esteem. If that makes it easier for you to approach the opposite or same sex brilliant.

5. Faster Metabolism

Finally another benefit of resistance training is that at rest you will burn more calories, or fat! This will help in increasing lean body mass, thus feeling and looking better leading a more confident and better athlete.

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